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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


For the first time that i can EVER really remember, we didn't spend Thanksgiving in Venice.
It was so fun though.. Lanes brother came home the day before Thanksgiving from his mission to Fresno, and we were all so excited to see him!
The girls and I went down a few day early, because Lane had to work in prep for Black Friday and then he would have to go home Thanksgiving night because of Black Friday!
So I just decided the girls and I would stay in Wallsburg for the weekend.
We had such a great time, we don't get to spend as much time as I would like with our family, so to have everyone there for the weekend was really fun! (Minus my kids who NEVER stopped crying)

Cute little girls waiting for Collin to come home:)

The girls got so sick right before thanksgiving.. they got hand mouth and foot..

It was awful, Abbey had at least 20 canker sores in her mouth, and didn't eat anything for a solid 3 days! Lucy got most of hers outside of her mouth!! It was a long week!The first thing Abbey wanted to eat when she could were my brother Cody's cookies, so this is the picture we sent him when he was at school:)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Girls all around

Lane had to go to a meeting in Salt Lake a couple weekends ago, and then he had the weeked off, so we decided to head down with him..
The girls and I went to the zoo for the day, it was a perfect day, it wasn't busy, and the girls ran the whole time!

 We also went to find out if our 3rd baby would be a girl or a boy, and its another girl:)
I thought it might be a boy, cause i have been so dang sick, but Lane and Abbey were both steadfast in their belief that it was a girl!
I am so grateful for my family, I don't know what i ever did to get so lucky, but man I am so blessed with sweet girls, and the most fantastic man alive!
So this sweet little woman will be coming mid April, and we couldn't be more excited!


I have a bunch of random pictures from October..
Lucy turned 2..
When I was asked if i could believe its been 2 years already i have to say that no i can't believe its been ONLY 2 years.. she is quite the girl, and it seems like she has aged me 5 years!
She talks so well.. seriously so well, she just seems like she should be older!
She loves to color, and cuddle with her stuffed animals, there are a couple that she particularly loves
We have called her Lucifer for quite a while, probably ever since she was tearing out Abbeys hair and leaving bald spots at 6 months old, so when we found the cat lucifer from Cinderella we had to get it for her, and she loves it.. wants to sleep with it EVERY night..
 She got a couple gifts in the mail, her favorite is from Grandma Janice, she wears this hat almost everyday, and calls it her special birthday hat!
It is so sweet, and her and abbey are both so lucky to have such a great great grandma who thinks of them every holiday and always sends something special for them in the mail!
They definitally love her!
 Lucy and her birthday cake.. she is pretty special:)
 I joke about calling her Lucifer alot, but really she is so sweet and is willing to share just about everything with her sister! She has such a strong opinion and isnt scared to let people know what she wants and when she wants it!

 We went to Gardner Village with Keara and My Dad and Kerin!
It was freezing, but we had fun!
 This guy never stops, so when we do get to be with him, its kind of a big deal!
 Making Carmel Apples
 The pumpkin patch in Rock Springs, which was an alley filled with pumpkins that were so expensive it was a joke.. but the girls liked to run around, and we got 2 pumpkins buy one get one free for 10$
 We made sugar cookies..
 She is such a sweet heart, and wants to help cook all the time!

 The first snow storm.. lucy didn't last more than 5 minutes, and abbey just sat out in the snow eating it!
 Lu has a serious popsicle problem.. this was her 3rd "last popsicle"
She can open the freezer in the garage where all the popsicles are, and i have found her out there more times than i would like to admit with popsicle sticks all around her!
 Abbey has a couple cavities, and we had to get them fixed..she did great, and when we left she said she loved the dentist.. weird little thing
 For Halloween, Abbey wanted to be an angel, so for school she was an angel, but we spilled something on her costume, and its white and so for halloween she was a fairy..
Lucy always wanted to be a witch, she got so much candy it was crazy, people thought she was the funniest thing they had ever seen..
We had a great Halloween
I don't know how i didn't get any pictures, but my mom came up for a couple days right before halloween, and fed my kids and husband (because lets be honest, these last 3 months have been so miserable for me, they have been fed, but cereal for dinner can only last so long:) We love when she comes up, and just hangs out!
 We moved our mattress out to the living room and had movie night..
I love these two..

 Here is the angel costume, and Lucy in the fairy costume..
 carving the giant pumpkins my mom brought
 she wouldn't keep it on for very long, but i thought it was funny:)

Our "Camping" Trip

My sister Keara and her family flew in from Hawaii, and we had planned a little 5 day trip down to Marysvale to surprise my mom and ken, and everyone down there that thought Keara cancelled their trip!
First we went to Grandma and Grandpa Cowleys house for a night to see them, Grandpa made all the kids "treasure boxes" and we decorated them with stickers and paint!

Then we headed to my moms..
We stayed in the cabins which is almost my favorite way of camping.. I love tenting it!!
We had a little family reunion day, and decorated bird houses, and painted hats!
All the kids had a blast, and are still wearing their hats around the house!

We went to the pumpkin patch,
(which i miss so bad being here in Rock Springs $10 for 2 pumpkins is a joke)

 The rest of the time we spent in the mountains, and just hanging out with each other!
Its not very often that we are together and noone has to work.. (speaking of.. lane was at work)
 Abbey and Ellie were the best friends! I sure wish we could spend more time with them!
 Jenna and Lu.. Jenna is becoming such a little woman! She is such a good help with the littler kids, and I forget how much I miss all those Mahoney kiddos:)
 Some of the grandkids with Grandma Anderson and Grandma Peanut
My grandma took us to a place where there are crystals all over.. we picked up sacks full of crystals and when we got back, she helped us make necklaces with them!
Abbey wears her every sunday!
This was maybe 5 minutes after getting in the car, she was exhausted:)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Sweats Come to Rock Springs:)

My sister in law Kyndra and her 3 kiddos came up for the weekend!
We were so glad. We had so much fun, and it was so fun to have family up in our neck of the woods:)
 This is Kynsie with Lucy, she is the most mature 9 year old i have ever met! She is so sweet, and is always taking care of the "little" kids!
 This is Walker with Abbey.. he is one of the cutest boys i know. i am so glad he is my nephew. Abbey and Lucy both love him so much, it took lucy at least 3 days to stop wandering around our house saying "Walker where are you"
 The Owens Grandkids:)
 Karlee and Abs, they are 6 weeks apart, and I am so glad.. My best friends in the whole world are my cousins, and i am so glad that she has a built in best friend forever:)
 Think they look alike much:)

 Walker, Kyndra and Lu
I feel like I am so lucky to have such a great friendship with Kyndra.. it keeps getting better:)
I love you, and am so glad you came up!!